Bones in the Desert
The new album by Jack Logan and Scott Baxendale, featuring members of the Drive-By Truckers, is now available on vinyl or digital download. A driving, at times swampy guitar record with a dark and eclectic Southern perspective.

Happy Thanksgiving!


No, this is not another gratuitous Lynda Carter picture as I had promised (sorry Karel) since I figure your Google works as well as mine…

What we have here is a picture of a delicious stuffed turkey, much like the one many of you will be consuming this evening with your friends and family. Enjoy…and don’t forget the gravy!

And, as my little gift to you on this holiday weekend, HERE is another little audio crouton from my Bulkscavations. Is it as scrumptious as a slice of pumpkin pie slathered in Kool Whip? Not even close chief…

Speaking of Bulk, the label folks who are considering reissuing it have been pondering the bonus tracks for a couple of weeks…no comment or reactions yet. Is this good, bad, or indifferent? Yes.

Kinda Fonda Lynda

I thought Friend-O-The-Blogamadoodle and Friend Of All Animals Karel Minor had checked out on the old ‘Enjoy Music’ site, but as it turns out I lured him back with my Lynda Carter popsicle post…In order to keep him coming back I’m starting a gratuitous series of titillating posts featuring the incomparable Ms. Carter. Any of you who find this offensive and beneath my dignity have obviously not measured the height of my dignity lately… So let’s get started with a little s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g… lynda_carter_35452_cart_l02_122_439lo_OjecWSK

Bring Me The Head Of Mel Torme

Okay,  I promise I will give the loungey bullshit a rest after this one, but I actually think this is a pretty good lyric…sorta’ weary and sexy at the same time. I also believe a really good female singer with  the pipes and a penchant for this kind of thing could really tear this up so if any of you have a cousin or an ex-wife that fits this description, alert them posthaste! If they actually record it I’ll give ‘em half the publishing which is kind of like offering them a ghostmeat sandwich… Always Free