Bones in the Desert
The new album by Jack Logan and Scott Baxendale, featuring members of the Drive-By Truckers, is now available on vinyl or digital download. A driving, at times swampy guitar record with a dark and eclectic Southern perspective.

Bring Me The Head Of Mel Torme

Okay,  I promise I will give the loungey bullshit a rest after this one, but I actually think this is a pretty good lyric…sorta’ weary and sexy at the same time. I also believe a really good female singer with  the pipes and a penchant for this kind of thing could really tear this up so if any of you have a cousin or an ex-wife that fits this description, alert them posthaste! If they actually record it I’ll give ‘em half the publishing which is kind of like offering them a ghostmeat sandwich… Always Free

Dunn Funn #3

Sean wanted me to let you know that his brother David (who I have not met but who is apparently an excellent musician as well) has collaborated with him on the writing and playing of some of these tunes. I believe he adds accordion here on Empty Vessel

Hello Tex

Found amongst the Bulkscavations was THIS which, if I’m not mistaken, is the original version…As I recall, Vic Chesnutt, Todd McBride, Bob Kimbell took part along with Kelly and I…Craig on drums most likely. NOTE: Fixed the “Tex” link…

Thing One And Thing Two

58 2


I’ve occasionally mentioned that I’m having big fun writing stuff with my boy Sean Dunn ( last fellow on the right ) whose  primary gig is bending strings with Athens mega-legends Five Eight. After bribing him with chocolates and a foot massage (which he turned down) he has agreed to let me post some of the results here for your listening pleasure. You can thank him by buying all the Five Eight records and sending them manilla envelopes full of cash and jewels.

The fun starts HERE

Brief Bulk Reissue Update

Not really a lot to report other than the fact that this seemingly impossible eventuality still remains entirely possible…As I’ve mentioned a few times already I’ve been digging through the Endless Box-O-Cassettes for Bulk-period fodder  for possible…ahhh…”bonus tracks”. Well, this process was completed to the degree that  it was going to be completed, and some  of Bulk’s principle actors and myself whittled the results down to a reasonable number which has now been forwarded to the prospective reissuer. Sooooo, we shall see…