Bones in the Desert
The new album by Jack Logan and Scott Baxendale, featuring members of the Drive-By Truckers, is now available on vinyl or digital download. A driving, at times swampy guitar record with a dark and eclectic Southern perspective.

Slice The Pork, Bake The Beans, Jacklo’s Back For 2015!


Hello there fiends and neighborhoods! I’m back!…No, really…

I know, I probably should just fold this operation but as long as there are 2 or 3 of you that bother to listen (and I’m admittedly being presumptuous with that meager figure)  I’ll carry on…It’s not like I’m putting a lot of time or thought into this nonsense.

OK, I said I would have some news on the reissue front and I suppose I do…Communications with the label have been few and far between leading me to question their seriousness about seeing this thing through to vinyl reality…But, after making contact again and giving them every opportunity to blow me off, I was once again assured that they are indeed serious and are still contemplating the track list.  Sooooo, unless these guys are big time sadists, it looks like,theoretically at least,  it’s still on…We’ll see…

I suppose I should post some tunes since that’s kind of the point of der blogamadoodle, so you can go HERE for a recent digital effort and HERE for something from my last 4-track cassette attempts.


Kosmo in the ATL

I really should have said something about it here before it happened, but the incomparable Kosmo Vinyl was in Decatur Ga. for an art exhibit of his fantastic Punk/Football collages ( check out examples on his blog HERE ), and after a little help from my boy William Tonks, I was able to attend. While he was constantly occupied by his adoring public, I did get a chance to catch up a little with him and his lovely wife Jennifer and, truly, the pleasure was all mine. Also a pleasure was the opportunity to see his work up close…Truly inspiring! Kosmo is just an incredible guy on so many levels and I’m so grateful that I got to cross paths with him. Keep a’ cuttin’ and a’ pastin’ Kos!

Here is a photo taken by Kosmo’s friend painter Ruth Franklin of some poor hawk-nosed, bullet-headed  dork that somehow got past the velvet ropes…

DSCN2859 copy 2


Lastly, I’m going to take a little break from the blogamadoodle for a while but I will check back in if I hear anything about the reissue.

Coming soon

Hello good people of Cyberville…Oh, I’m fine, thanks.

As some of you know, Scotty B ‘n me have somehow managed to secure the services of drummer par excellence Ben Mize for our little recording klatch without threatening him or his family. As it turns out, Ben is not only a beast of a kit operator, he is also a bit of a genius. He has come up with an incredible idea! What he has done is to take one of our pieces of music and…this is the genius part…filmed various images that can be viewed while listening to the song! Is that not amazing?!!

Well it gets even better…In the very near future, through various modern technological means, I  will be able to post this unreleased song accompanied with frighteningly life-like moving images so that you may view this revolutionary phenomenon for yourselves! Stay tuned!

Of course your credit card will be charged a nominal fee.

Girl On The Motorbike

faith color

After writing this little number I discovered that decadent 60′s dreamboat Marianne Faithful ( It was all downhill for ol’ Jagsy after her IMHO…plus she makes better records than the Stones and has for a good while ) made a similarly-titled flick in 1968. Haven’t seen the movie, but it’s probably more entertaining than my tune…a much bigger time commitment however. I have always wished that one of those French auteurs had made a psychedelic, existensial Wonder Woman film starring Ms. Faithful…

You be the judge mon frere…