Bones in the Desert
The new album by Jack Logan and Scott Baxendale, featuring members of the Drive-By Truckers, is now available on vinyl or digital download. A driving, at times swampy guitar record with a dark and eclectic Southern perspective.

Bulk Baby, baby….



Alright peoples, here is the first sca…er…offer I’m working on. A limited edition of Bulk Baby figures (shown is the lint excavation series), each hand crafted from Sculpey clay by Ye Olde Fatbuoy. I’m thinking somewhere between $35-$50 per, which I know sounds like a lot for these crudely-rendered clay cretins, but c’mon, you can drop that much on a meal for two at Wendy’s these days…

Not available yet, but coming soon!


I have to say folks…I am flat songwrited out. I have a few loopys and some old shit from the archives that I will sprinkle in here and there but I think I’m gonna’ take a major break. I will eventually resume doing stuff with Le Bax, but no more moronic solo crap or loopy nonsense. I think I’m going to try and rekindle my zest for stuff more in the visual arts vein.  Not only that, I’m also going to attempt to sell some of  it ’cause quite honestly I could use a few extra bucks, lol! I will of course post stuff here to give any of you that may be interested a shot at it, but PLEASE realize I don’t expect any of you to actually fork over your hard-earned cash. I appreciate you coming here for whatever reason and, like I said, I will continue to post original music occasionally, do the dollar vinyl bit, post any news about the still-possible-but -EXCRUCIATINGLY -frustrating vinyl reissue, and whatever else I can come up with. Oh, did I mention that I deeply respect and appreciate every last one of your pointed little heads? I didn’t?  Hmmmmmm…

Scratchy Singing, Some Mild Hand-Wringing, and the wisdom of Phil Alvin…

HawaiiSpeedWeek1957-vi copy

Although this ‘madoodle is called “Enjoy Music”,  I get the sinking feeling that fewer and fewer people are actually taking my advice…or, to be more accurate, enjoying it in the way that I enjoy it. Of course there are still people  that care about music a great deal and will actually listen to a song or series of songs  and…y’know… get something out of it, not to mention revel in all the minutiae and trappings that go along with it… but now it seems that music as a  “cultural phenomenon” or whatever, has lost much of it’s relevance and has gone back to being something that is primarily used to accompany displays of narcissistic empowerment (a.k.a. dancing) or something played in the background to lessen the drudgery of other tedious activities such as working out, waxing the floor, and so on.

Which, for the most part, is really how it’s always been isn’t it?  Sure, people have been “getting something out of” music for a long time…I believe much of Homer’s works were passed down via song and folks were not dancing at opera houses…and of course music and dancing have been central to many cultures, not merely “entertainment”. But let’s face it. For most humanoids, music just ain’t all that. My dad wasn’t sitting around listening to every nuance of a Conway Twitty record and my kids are amused when I play them Captain Beefheart but they don’t ask me to fork over the mp3 so they can really dissect it…  So it’s probably just me (and you) who is placing far too much importance on the audible arts.

I’m not sure why I took time to write that. It’s grossly over- generalized and doesn’t contain anything that someone else hasn’t put forth in a more original and compelling way.

Kind of like my stupid music! How’s that for a transition, eh? HERE is a loopy I did the other night in which my voice is all creaky and cracky from a lingering cold. Annoying, huh? But that’s not all! While the cold brutalized my already paper-thin upper register, it gave me a robust Darth Vader/Barry White-like bottom end, prompting me to cut THIS alternate version. Why?  None of your beeswax, Otto.

On an unrelated note, have y’all seen Phil Alvin explain how the record business was started by furniture companies? Fucking priceless! go HERE




Slice The Pork, Bake The Beans, Jacklo’s Back For 2015!


Hello there fiends and neighborhoods! I’m back!…No, really…

I know, I probably should just fold this operation but as long as there are 2 or 3 of you that bother to listen (and I’m admittedly being presumptuous with that meager figure)  I’ll carry on…It’s not like I’m putting a lot of time or thought into this nonsense.

OK, I said I would have some news on the reissue front and I suppose I do…Communications with the label have been few and far between leading me to question their seriousness about seeing this thing through to vinyl reality…But, after making contact again and giving them every opportunity to blow me off, I was once again assured that they are indeed serious and are still contemplating the track list.  Sooooo, unless these guys are big time sadists, it looks like,theoretically at least,  it’s still on…We’ll see…

I suppose I should post some tunes since that’s kind of the point of der blogamadoodle, so you can go HERE for a recent digital effort and HERE for something from my last 4-track cassette attempts.